David and Flora Tant Receive Friend to Youth Award

Florida College honored David and Flora Tant with the 2015 Friend to Youth Award at the conclusion of last Tuesday evening’s lecture. David Tant began his relationship with Florida College as a student in 1953, earning his associate degree along with many hours of upper-division work while being actively involved in chorus, drama, the Royal Palm yearbook, Sower’s Club and more. After marrying in 1959, the Tants began worshiping in Clayton, Oklahoma, where David Tant began his first work as a preacher on an Indian reservation. After spending time there and later in Portales, New Mexico, they moved to the Atlanta area, where they currently reside and have spent their last 52 years, working with the churches at Snapfinger Road, Embry Hills and Roswell Road. During these years, their hearts of service continued and became particularly directed toward young people. They were instrumental in beginning the Atlanta-area booster club, for which David Tant served as president, and they participated in the original Florida College camp, which was hosted on campus at the time. They served in various roles — counselor, director and co-director, bus driver — for 27 years, fueled by their belief that every young person should have an experience at Florida College. Later on, they lent their experience to help establish the Georgia booster camp. They have served as Adopt parents for 49 students and are charter members of the Florida College Society, having donated consistently for 45 years. Their service for the Lord goes far beyond the bounds of Florida College, and has been especially directed toward young people, whom they have housed, supported financially and taken with them on various evangelistic efforts throughout the U.S. and Jamaica. Their [...]

February 6th, 2015|

Florida College Ranks #1 Nationwide in Alumni Giving

Florida College supporters share more than just an alma mater. They share a passionate belief in her mission, to educate young people in a spiritual environment. For more than half a century, this belief has resulted in unparalleled loyalty and fierce volunteer support. So while it is significant, it should come as no surprise that this loyalty and support was recently recognized on a national scale. Florida College was identified as the top-ranked institution where four-year alumni donated to their alma maters between 2011 and 2013, according to a U.S. News & World Report article published on Dec. 30. An impressive 64.7 percent of Florida College four-year alumni contributed to their alma mater, beating out the alumni at second-place Princeton University (62.5 percent) and other larger institutions. The size of the school is not the only thing that makes Florida College an unlikely victor in this ranking. Since Florida College only recently began granting bachelor’s degrees, her four-year alumni base is much younger than other institutions’ on this list. With an average of 32, Florida College’s four-year alumni don’t fit the typical profile of collegiate donors. Florida College President H.E. “Buddy” Payne ’65 challenged all four-year alumni to give back to their alma mater and reach the top of this list in 2011. The goal: to encourage 65 percent of four-year alumni to donate and thereby earn the top-ranked position. Alumni were encouraged to donate to the Senior Legacy Scholarship fund, a fund for current four-year students provided by four-year graduates. The four-year alumni responded remarkably. Although the goal of 65 percent was narrowly missed, the support received from alumni and friends alike was unprecedented. Jared Barr ‘01, chief marketing and information [...]

February 4th, 2015|

Greater Indiana Wins Bell’s Inaugural Chapter of the Year Award

The Hutchinson Bell awarded the Greater Indiana chapter the 2014 Chapter of the Year Award at the conclusion of Monday’s evening lecture. The award was established in April 2014 to bring attention to the volunteer work that is so valuable to the mission of Florida College. Executive Director of The Hutchinson Bell Adam Olson ’00 (pictured right), who also serves as Florida College’s director of alumni relations, presented the inaugural award to Jason McCort (center), the chapter’s president, who received the award on behalf of the Greater Indiana chapter. McCort and his fellow chapter members earned this award for their innovative fundraising strategies, which have raised over $120,000 in scholarships since the chapter’s inception in 2006. They also began a new Florida College camp, which has shown consistent growth every year. This group has diligently cultivated a thriving community that is dynamic, vibrant and strongly supportive of Florida College since its organization in 2006. During his presentation, Olson praised the chapter for “continuously planning ahead and including families,” which he believes help to effectively mirror the atmosphere and spirit of Florida College. Florida College thanks the Greater Indiana chapter of The Hutchinson Bell for its outstanding service, as well as each chapter for their consistent support and commitment.

February 3rd, 2015|

Florida College Formally Dedicates Jennifer Hall

Florida College formally dedicated the newly named Jennifer Hall during a ceremony on Monday following the College’s daily assembly. At the ceremony, President Payne addressed the reasoning behind the naming. In recent years, a family lost a loved one to health complications. Her surviving family members chose to honor her with a generous gift to Florida College. The family members requested anonymity as a stipulation of their donation. Originally named Terrace Hall, the women’s dormitory was completed in 2008 under the direction of President Emeritus C.G. “Colly” Caldwell III and houses 47 rooms, most of which host four students. Its original name served as an homage to the historic Temple Terrace community. During the ceremony, President Payne also shared a history of the Florida College dormitories, reflecting on the addition of Hinely Hall to the previously existing Sutton Hall during the mid-’90s, the former three-story apartment building that housed A Dorm and B Dorm and eventually became today’s five-story Boswell Hall, and C Dorm, which, after being renovated and renamed College Hall, functions as today’s dormitory for upper-division women. President Payne closed the ceremony by remarking on the family’s love for their daughter, wife and mother, and their commitment to Florida College and the young people it serves. After the ceremony, attendees were invited into the lobby of the dormitory, where they enjoyed refreshments and observed a plaque mounted in honor of Jennifer.

February 3rd, 2015|

Heather Morrison is learning His way.

Heather Morrison was initially apprehensive about attending Florida College. It was a part of her family’s tradition, and she looked forward to being a part of that story, but when it came to her academic interests and goals, she had her doubts. “I was a little concerned about academics,” she said. “People don’t mention it can be academically challenging here. If you want to take difficult courses, you can absolutely do so.” Having entered with a number of college credits as a freshman, Morrison received her associate degree quicker than most, but still decided she was not quite ready to move on, choosing to take a number of upper-division courses in her pursuit of a double major in English and economics. She describes the atmosphere as “academically challenging,” and as having “an immense amount of opportunity for interested students,” emphasizing that academics at Florida College is both as challenging and rewarding as one chooses to make it. In this capacity, Heather has chosen well. The high school valedictorian continued her academic excellence as a Phi Theta Kappa member and lends her English expertise as a writing lab instructor. She even made time for extra-curriculars as a member of women’s soccer team, which made it to the second round of this season’s national tournament. But above all, she attributes this challenging and rewarding environment to her professors, particularly Dr. Dickey, the College’s psychology and economics professor, whom she accredits with being “honest with me about my academic future” in her plans to continuing studying economics outside of Florida College. “[The professors] are all great,” she said. “Mrs. Atherton has been very supportive in helping me work through my current and future college plans, and [...]

February 1st, 2015|