Sarah Appleget is learning His way.

In July before her freshman year, Sarah was enrolled in a university near her hometown of Minneapolis. Her schedule was finalized, her books were purchased—all she had to do was wait a few weeks to begin her college career. But the more she waited, the more she considered her life’s direction. Sarah describes herself as career-driven, a trait that presented her with a tough decision, one she viewed at the time as sacrificial: to pursue a spiritual atmosphere at Florida College and settle for whatever education might follow. Today, Sarah is a junior in the College’s music education program and recalls being “very pleasantly surprised” at her initial courses and the professors who taught them. “They are so skilled and knowledgeable. And because of the small class sizes, I get personally challenged by them,” she said. The personal challenges and additional opportunities to learn outside the classroom are helping Sarah as she pursues a music education degree. "This program has provided me with an immense amount of knowledge and tools for my future in music education. I was able to teach in schools, work one-on-one planning chorus tour and enjoy many more opportunities that will help me be a better teacher.” Since high school, Sarah has excelled in all aspects of music and performance. She made the college transition seamlessly, participating in chorus, where she earned a solo as a freshman and served as section leader; chamber ensemble, where she conducted a piece; and the College’s production of “The Sound of Music,” playing the role of Mother Abbess. In all those roles, she believes she has learned one important lesson: “I’ve learned to never be content with where I am in all aspects of [...]

November 19th, 2014|

The NINE-asty: Falcons Win Ninth USCAA Title

For the past 14 years, the ladies in the lengthy shorts have cast a lengthy shadow over volleyball in the United States Collegiate Athletics Association. The following provides a brief history of the building of a dynasty, as well as this year’s championship — the marking of a NINE-asty. In 1999, Donna Parimore took a group of standouts in her volleyball class and enrolled them in a women’s league at a nearby recreation center. The following year, the College’s volleyball instructor became known as Coach as the team graduated from club status to become Florida College’s first intercollegiate volleyball team. Even in their first season, the team showed promise and received an invitation to the National Tournament where they earned fourth place. The following year they earned their first USCAA National Championship, followed by a second in 2003. There were “three-peats” from 2005 to 2007 and 2009 to 2011. followed by back-to-back heartbreaking losses in championship games in 2012 and 2013. This year, they embarked on a path toward their sixth-straight tournament appearance, determined to reclaim their supremacy in the USCAA and earn their ninth national title. “You never seem like you’re happy — you just won the game!” Such remarks are jokingly made by friends after hard-fought games, according to Parimore. “Yes, but it looked like we were putting out a fire,” is her common response. This exchange is indicative of Parimore’s high expectations: she wants to win, but by the most sound and efficient means possible. These expectations were at the heart of Coach’s anxiety during the summer, much of which was focused on filling the team’s role of setter. She had recruited Abbey Rouch (pictured left), a junior transfer student [...]

November 11th, 2014|