Dr. Brian Crispell Named Academic Dean

March 17, 2014

crispell.brianFlorida College is pleased to announce Dr. Brian Crispell as its new academic dean.

Dr. Crispell has served as a history professor since 2000, and as the College’s dean of students since 2009. From 2001 to 2006 he earned six-consecutive Top-Rated Lecturing Professor awards.

Brian has helped develop several lower-division and upper-division history courses, including The American Civil War, Florida History, American Intellectual History and World Wars Era. He was also instrumental in the recent development of the College’s bachelor’s program in history.

Last fall he was featured in a PBS documentary titled “A Friend to Presidents: Senator George A. Smathers,” which was the subject of his dissertation and the topic of his publication, “Testing the Limits: George Smathers and Cold War America.”

Dr. Crispell received his bachelor’s degree in social studies education (’90), his master’s in American history in (’93) and his Ph.D. in American history in (’96), all at Florida State University.