Florida College Business Students Win GLO-BUS Best Strategy Invitational

September 3, 2013


Florida College business administration students are taking care of business, winning their class’s GLO-BUS strategic management software competition and going on to compete in the GLO-BUS Best Strategy Invitational, where they ranked first in their industry grouping and third overall against 75 groups.

The Camera Cowboys, run by seniors Jon West, Jonathan Wickersheim, Joshua Westenhouser and Tyler Gann (pictured left to right) competed in and won the simulation featured in their strategic management class. This qualified them for the GLO-BUS Best Strategy Invitational, the same simulation on an international scale.

GLO-BUS is an educational business strategy software that offers students the chance to run a business in a simulated environment. In the simulation, groups are assigned to run a digital camera company that markets and produces cameras. These “companies” are managed by groups consisting of one to five class members, who then compete in a web-simulated arena based on the real-world principles of supply and demand, market variables and competitors’ decisions.

The simulation runs for 15 weeks, with each real-time week representing one fiscal year. It requires groups to make strategic business decisions concerning pricing, assembly operations, worker compensation, marketing and social responsibility. From those decisions, it then computes companies’ annual earning per share, return on equity, net profit, credit and more.

Camera Cowboys CEO Jonathan Wickersheim (second from the left) describes the competition as the consummate business learning experience.

“The program was an aid for us to implement the lessons we have been learning during our time in the business program,” he said. “Vision, goals, communication, teamwork, leadership, flexibility, critical thinking — we had to use them all to succeed.”

The GLO-BUS software is featured in the College’s strategic management class, the capstone course for Florida College’s business administration program which is taught by Dr. Philip Yoho.

“I am proud of these students and am not surprised that they were able to succeed in a worldwide competition against much larger institutions, including several graduate level programs,” he said. “It is exciting to see that students are able to take what we teach in the classroom and apply the principles to real business situations.”

Florida College congratulates Jon West, Jonathan Wickersheim, Joshua Westenhouser and Tyler Gann for this outstanding achievement.