Florida College Recognizes Alpha Club Members

April 16, 2013


On April 15 after its daily assembly, Florida College honored Alpha Club members for their year of dedicated leadership and service.

Members of the Alpha Club are hard-working, selfless students that serve behind the scenes. They lend their work ethic and welcoming personalities to lend a hand to students and parents during Move-in Day, guide freshmen through orientation week, and assist during major campus events such as the annual lectureship.

In his presentation, President Payne named each member individually and thanked them on behalf of the Office of Student Services, Public Relations and Alumni Affairs and the President’s Office for their willingness to serve. We join him in thanking these committed student-servants of Florida College.

Ashleigh Abeyta

Shannon Allen

Macy Arrants

Melody Baughman

Emma Bingham

Courtney Bruns

Caleb Bunting

Maria Burnett

Stefanie Craig

Jessica Diestelkamp

Stephen Dvorak

Mindy Gallagher

Ashlyn Garrett

Katelyn Garrett

Andrew Gass

Jennifer Gorman

Kathryn Gregory

William Hammontree

Quentin Hudson

Sarah Lankford

Nathan Lee

Caleb Liggin

Nicole Mackey

Virginia Maness

Grace McCormick

Colton McDaniel

David Smelser

Clay Soto

Lauren Tharp

Jonathan West