Dr. Carson Featured in 5th Annual Leadership Dinner

October 2, 2012

Florida College’s 5th annual Leadership Dinner featured world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson. He shared his inspiring story in which he persevered through poverty and personal struggles to achieve his childhood dream of becoming a physician.

Prior to the dinner and per his request, Dr. Carson addressed the student body at the conclusion of the College’s daily assembly, where he stressed the immeasurable value of knowledge and shared his wisdom on the value of a Godly worldview in today’s professional world. During his visit he also toured the growing health sciences department and spoke with pre-med students.

Dr. Benjamin Carson has received hundreds of awards, including over 60 honorary doctorate degrees and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and is best known for his pioneering of pediatric surgery, where he performed the first and only successful separation of craniopagus (Siamese) twins.

The College began its Leadership Dinners in order to promote successful professionals who demonstrate a Christian worldview and Godly characteristics in their careers. View information on the 2013 Leadership Dinner.