Move-in Day a Success

August 19, 2012

On August 18, over four-hundred undergraduates flooded Florida College’s campus as students and parents braved the temperamental Tampa weather on the rainiest move-in day in years.

Dr. Brian Crispell and Ralph Walker directed the endeavor atop their Segways, bringing smiles to the scene of organized chaos, while Alpha Club, student volunteers committed to campus service, assisted students on foot. As always, the day proved to be exhausting — physically and emotionally — as students underwent the essential growing pain of move-in day. Afterwards, students, parents and Alpha Club members were welcomed into the newly redecorated Henderson Dining Hall, where they concluded their afternoon of toil and cooperation with a cookout.

One day prior to the College’s Opening Ceremonies, the blood, sweat and tears of move-in day marked the year’s commencement with less pomp and circumstance, but still left an indelible mark on students and parents alike.