Wayne and Lillian Mitchell Receive Friend to Youth Award.

February 8, 2012

On Tuesday night, President Buddy Payne awarded Wayne and Lillian Mitchell this year’s prestigious Friend to Youth Award for outstanding service to Florida College.

Dr. Mitchell and his wife Lillian have offered humble service in so many ways, and that service, according to President Payne, “has been as significant as it has been varied.” For many years, the Mitchells have been loyal donors, active athletic association members, and cheering fans in the stands at basketball and volleyball games. Dr. Mitchell also served as the College physician for many years and has served as a member of the Florida College Athletic Association since 2003.

The Mitchells have supported Florida College financially through donations in a wide variety of areas, including the capital campaigns, the Adopt Program, the local booster club, various scholarship and library funds, and the General Fund. Even more importantly, they personally served dozens of student athletes year after year, when Dr. Mitchell served as team doctor and Lillian hosted the teams in their home with her “wonderful spirit of hospitality.”

“We will never know how many folks have been served at no cost to them by the skills of this good doctor and by his wife who stands beside him in all things,” says President Payne.

And even now, the Mitchells are still serving. Wayne will take a place this year on both the Leadership Dinner executive committee and the committee for the remodeling of the Akin Science and Math Building. It is this consistent and tireless spirit of service and giving that make them perfect candidates for the 2012 Friend to Youth Award.

“People who know them best, most especially their children, will say, “These are two of the best people on earth we know,” says President Payne.