Society Circle at Sutton dedicated to Bob Owen

February 8, 2012

On Tuesday, a large crowd gathered on the far side of the Florida College campus to witness the unveiling of the new Society Circle—and to honor Bob Owen, a man who is as much a fixture in Temple Terrace as any building, new or historic.

The brand-new Society Circle pavilion will serve several purposes. According to President Buddy Payne, the lovely new area in front of historic Sutton Hall is as much for the Temple Terrace community as it is for the Florida College students, faculty, staff, and alumni who will enjoy it. Society Circle is one more piece of an ongoing effort to join the Temple Terrace revitalization projects.

“We hope that our partnership in this effort will continue to manifest itself in a revitalization of the entire campus and city as well,” says President Payne. “We are proud to be a part of the rich history of this quaint little city on the Hillsborough River.”

But Society Circle is more than a few paving stones and a new architectural element. It is a physical way to show respect and honor to the charter members of The Florida College Society. It will also be the cornerstone of the Senior Legacy Ceremony, honoring all four-year graduates.