Alumni Production Raises Money for Scholarships

September 6, 2011

Last Friday and Saturday, fairy tale lovers everywhere gathered in Hutchinson Auditorium to get their happily-ever-after fix at Florida College’s alumni production of The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon—a bizarre, boisterous ballyhoo that was anything but your traditional Disney fare.

According to the script, it was “one enormous, mega, super story” put on by the “greatest troupe of actors the world has ever seen.” And according to co-director Doy Moyer, it was “extreme Grimm.”

“It’s been spectacular,” he says.

The actors attempted the impossible: to condense all the stories collected and retold by the Brothers Grimm in 90 minutes. Did they succeed? Not by a long shot. But they did manage to squeeze in several favorites—Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Snow White—and even a few lesser-known classics, each with a modern twist to keep the audience on their toes and laughing out loud.

This was the fifth annual fall production acted and directed by Florida College alumni, better known as the Florida College Tampa Bay Booster Club Stage Right Theater Company. All proceeds from these shows go to the Booster Club Scholarship Fund—which is, according to J.T. Fannin (’98), one of the best reasons to get involved.

“I love this school and what it stands for,” he says. “And as a theater lover, this is a great way for me to give back and have a lot of fun doing it.”

The yearly shows also give some local alumni a chance to perform on stage for the very first time. Kevin Goolsby (’95) played his first small role this year and is looking forward to doing it again.

“I always wanted to [get involved] but all they did while I was here was musicals. So I really wanted to get into this since I didn’t have to sing,” he says with a laugh. “And it’s been fun to watch it develop—from just reading to what it is now.”

And “fun” is the best way to describe this show. There were no costumes, almost no set, and definitely no grand musical interludes or serious romantic moments. Just murder, mayhem, love at first sight, and most importantly, a whole lot of laughs for a good cause.