Sarah Nale Crowned Queen of Spring

April 11, 2011

Last Thursday evening, Florida College celebrated the arrival of spring by crowning this year’s Queen of Spring in the annual Spring Festival, held at the Riverwalk Amphitheater.

Each year, the student body selects a handful of young ladies to represent the campus based on their grace, sweetness of character, and good example. This year, Miss Sarah Nale was crowned Queen, while Miss Melanie Steinly was named First Lady-in-Waiting, followed by Miss Nicole Mackey as Second Lady-in-Waiting.

The traditional ceremony began at 7:00 PM. The seated guests witnessed the Spring Court’s vessel float down the Hillsborough River and come to dock at the amphitheater, where the princesses were met by their escorts. After the crowning and seating of the Court, a special song of their choice was performed for each princess by their friends at FC.

Each Spring Festival is unique and brings different meaning to each member of the Court. Here are some memories of the evening from four of this year’s princesses:

Describe the event. What was most memorable?

Nicole Mackey – “Spring Court was lovely. We were treated to a beautiful, relaxing boat ride and made to feel so special.

Jenny Moorer – “Having my brother sing for me was also really special. The song really was great and I was so proud of them.”

Melanie Steinly – “My favorite part was getting to ride in the boat up the river to the ceremony.  I wish everyone could see how beautiful it was.

How did it feel to be chosen by your classmates?

Nicole Mackey – “Flattering. I know there are countless beautiful and kindhearted girls at Florida College. I am still in disbelief that my classmates chose me to represent them in the Spring Court. Nevertheless, I am so grateful.”

Hannah Mullins – “To be placed among the other wonderful girls who were on the court was the truest honor of all. I look up to each of them so much and was humbled to have been placed on the court with them.”

Melanie Steinly – I felt so honored to be chosen to be one of the princesses among four other girls that I respect so much.

Did you enjoy the Spring Court experience?

Jenny Moorer – “The Spring Court experience was definitely one of a kind [since] we are all pretty good friends. We were talking about how nice it was that we all got to be on it together. It really meant so much.”

Hannah Mullins – “Spring Court will be one of my fondest Florida College memories. I am so thankful for the time I was able to spend with the other four girls.”

Nicole Mackey – “Not only was it a perfect, spring day, but everything was beautiful, especially Queen Sarah. I’ll never forget her beautiful smile as Mrs. Moyer crowned her Queen of Spring!”