Women’s Soccer Hires New Coach

April 4, 2011

The Florida College Women’s soccer team has a new face—head coach Chris Oliver, who recently accepted the job this past month. “I was looking for the person to be the right fit here for many years to come,” said Athletic Director, Kenny Moorer. “Chris had a lot of real good answers to my questions about the long-term direction of our program. He and I are definitely on the same page and our future looks very bright.”

Oliver, 37, has spent years playing for and coaching  indoor and outdoor teams. Several of his soccer associates mentioned the Florida College job when they knew Chris was familiar with the College and had known many Florida College students.

“They felt like my coaching style, familiarity with the College and association with the area soccer organizations would be a good combination,” said Oliver.  “I went through the interview process and everything seemed to click pretty well.”

After years of experience, Oliver says it is pretty easy to get the feel of the group of girls who are returning—and he thinks the Florida College women have something very special.

“These girls  are trying to live a Godly life, take care of their academic work, look out for each other, and play a very high level of collegiate soccer,” he says. “Coach Hanlon helped them achieve a great deal [and] I want to use that experience and success to go even further.”

The women’s team success last season has only deepened their desire for a national championship.

“Having achieved so much this past year, they now  have a taste. We have a good nucleus returning and, with recruiting, we should keep moving toward a national championship.  That is definitely my goal, but we will do it with the right kind of student-athlete.  There will be no compromise in character or talent.”

Coach Oliver is putting in the hours to get to know his new team.  He has already invited the team out to dinner, to meet his family—wife Christy, and daughters Carley, Kennedy, and Kassidy.

“Hey, we’re all in this together and that includes making all these girls part of the Oliver family,” he says.

He has also scheduled tryout dates over the next several weeks, to help further evaluate the talent that he plans to bring onto campus.

“We want to pull everybody’s talents together and create a unit: emotionally, physically, with goal oriented attitudes, and really make a statement about  what the Florida College women’s soccer program is going to be.”

While there is no doubt that the Florida College women’s team stresses character and integrity, Oliver says the desire to excel athletically must be a major component.

“We are looking for a highly skilled collegiate soccer player who has that desire and that passion for the game—that desire to win and be successful in what they do. That’s been the Florida College athletic philosophy for years and it certainly states my personal feeling about want I want to achieve with these girls.”  Oliver continued.  “I want them to be passionate about this opportunity.  I’ve played and coached this game for years and the players that seem to thrive are those who have a real passion for the game.  My passion should be instilled in these girls; if it isn’t, I haven’t done my job well.  I don’t plan on that happening.”

Moorer is in full support of Coach Oliver’s style, determination, passion, and desire to achieve.

“One of the things that impressed me about Chris was his enthusiasm for the game and his determination to help our women’s team reach their full potential,” said Moorer.  “We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, but I fully believe Chris is the right coach for this job.  He certainly isn’t afraid of hard work.  Once recruits and their parents see what Chris is doing here, they will be very impressed—and for good reason.”

You can reach Coach Oliver at oliverc@floridacollege.edu or by calling 813.690.0729.