Faculty Crowned King in Chess Tournament

April 4, 2011

The 2011 Florida College Student/Faculty Chess Tournament took place last Thursday evening—and even torrential rains and screaming Florida winds could not keep the five faculty members and five students from throwing down five masterful chess games in Chatlos Library.

This year, the faculty competitors—Drs. Buddy Payne, Howard Colvin, Brian Crispell, Thaxter Dickey, and Colly Caldwell—took on a fresh-faced bunch of new comers. Evan Gay, Stephen Pennock, Matthew McPeak, Riley Parker, and David Bunting stepped into the ring with high hopes.

Unfortunately, it was not the students’ year. With one match per student/faculty pair, the tournament concluded with the faculty on top, and a final score of 3.5 to 1.5.

“We have some bragging rights now,” says Dr. Howard Colvin, who was also in charge of this year’s tournament.

The Chess Tournament has been a fixture at Florida College for years and, each year, it’s anybody’s game. The faculty and students have passed the crown back and forth over the years, though the faculty participants have managed to hold on to the winning title for a few years running.

Win or lose, the game is fun for everyone.

“It’s really fascinating,” says Colvin. “As many games have been played, there is always some new wrinkle and new possibilities with chess.

Junior David Bunting, who tied his match against Dr. Crispell and gave the student team the extra half point, gave this sage piece of advice.

“I enjoyed the match,” he says,” but you have to watch out for those kamikaze queens.”

Perhaps next year, the students will train harder, move faster, and will break the faculty’s streak to take home a win. But for now, the faculty can rest easy until the Spring 2012 match.