Ugly Sweaters Roam Campus

December 9, 2010

Last year, sophomore Adam Smelser challenged students to wear their ugliest sweaters on a particular day late in the fall semester. The worst-dressed students on campus made their appearance on that day.

This year the Administration teamed up with Smelser to create Ugly Sweater Week. Daily winners were chosen and at the end of the week, squared off to see who was the owner of the ugliest sweater on campus. Students chose the winners each day with their applause of approval.Smelser challenged the students saying “You may not think you own an ugly sweater. Some of you are wrong. You just haven’t seen it as we have. And some of you just need to tap your Uncle for that hideous thing he wears to the family reunions.”

Students wore everything from thrift store cast-offs to heirlooms owned by family members to some creative alterations of their own.

The winner at the end of the week was Freshman David Lee Buselmeier of Stone Mountain Ga., who won a $50 dinner at a restaurant of his choice. He is the proud owner of a black sweater with sequined shoulder pads.